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Subscribe and save terms and conditions


When you subscribe to Revolution Nutrition, your subscription will automatically renew. Each delivery, as per your chosen schedule, will bring you a package order filled with subscription products selected. You can manage your subscription and get more information about Revolution Nutrition. You can review your next subscription order details through your account on our website at www.revolution-nutrition.com when you register as a user. 


By subscribing, you give Revolution Nutrition or its third-party payment processors, the permission to charge your payment method (credit card, debit card and other) automatically based on your chosen schedule order frequency. This authorization allows for recurring charges without needing further permission from you, as long as your subscription remains active.


Activating a subscription with any promotional offer, including but not limited to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other holiday/ promotional sales, means you agree to specific terms set by Revolution Nutrition for the duration of the sale.


The shopping cart can contain both subscription and non-subscription items and combined qualify for tier discounts and gifts offering the best possible discount to subscribers. Subscribe and save orders qualify for free standard shipping on autoship orders over $99.99. Subscribers will receive an additional discount on all eligible products when enrolled in the subscribe and save program. This discount is applied to the sale price of the products.


By opting into our promotions and subscribe and save, you acknowledge and accept these conditions. Revolution Nutrition has the right to alter or discontinue promotions and subscription policies at its discretion.